‘Timekeeper’ Released to Unity Asset Store

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‘Timekeeper’ Released to Unity Asset Store

April 24, 2018 Timekeeper 0

Version 1.0 of ‘Timekeeper’ is now available to purchase on the Unity Asset Store. 

‘Timekeeper’ is a tool that can be used to simulate the passing of time within a video game. The user can display one or many text objects in a scene showing the date and time and choose the speed at which time increments in-game. The user can also select the unit of measurement for incrementing time. This means that time can progress forwards by seconds, minutes or hours.


In addition to simulating the passage of time, one of the more useful features of Timekeeper is its ability to extrapolate a future date and time and then schedule an event to occur when that time has been reached. This means that a player could write their own logic and delay it for a specified amount of in-game hours, minutes, seconds, even days months or years if needed.


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