Protectorate Dev Update: Facilities added. Civilians on their way.

Protectorate Dev Update: Facilities added. Civilians on their way.

I’ve been fairly busy planning the next dev phases for ‘Protectorate’ and one thing that has hit home to me was what I like to call ‘Scope-Bloat.’ This is the idea that you have too many features, or that the features you are implementing are way more complicated than they need to be.

Keep it Simple Stupid!

For this reason, I’ve made decisions which have resulted in suspending devlopment of particular features. For example, I was planning to have each installed system on the station degrade over time, before becoming inoperable; the idea here being that the player then has to ensure that their officers are repairing the system.

It sounded good at first but then considering everything that I would need to implement such as, adding a cycle of detirioration, (which adds overheard to every tick of the clock I might add!) updating the UI to inform the player of the status of the system, allowing the player to despatch an officer to the affected system as well as adding the game-logic to make the NPC repair the system and,,,,,,

No no no no no no NO NO NO!

Too much. Players might not want it. Survival mechanics can easily piss people off. Sure, ‘Protectorate’ is a game with a degree of survival. You have to keep your station running and the people on board safe. That doesn’t mean it should be really annoying about it.

So now, we just have systems. They make resources and if you assign an officer to that system, you get a production bonus.


When the game finally gets into the hands of players, they can tell me if they want the above.

Here for Your Comfort

So added to the systems changes, you can now install facilities! Facilities are things like , bars, resturants, cinemas, simulators, guard-posts, barracks etc.

Basically, a facility is anything which does not produce one of the three main resources required in order to maintain an atmosphere, such as electricity, water and oxygen.

I’ve added the following difference categories of facility:

  • Administration
  • Convinience
  • Security
  • Food and Drink
  • Leisure

There are lots of different potential facilties which can be added to the above categories but these will be confirmed later.

In terms of acquiring the facility, you simply purchase it in the same way you would purchase a system. How is it managed I hear you ask? Well, this is another story for an episode of ‘It Was Getting too Complicated!’

Originally, I planned to have a feature allowing for the recruitment of civillians as business owners on the station. I would invite them aboard to run a facility and then tax them.


Too much again. Doesn’t need to be that complicated at the moment. So the plan for now is to simply have each facility come with it’s own friendly robot worker who will manage it for you. Any money made from the facility get deposit into your station bank. Simple!

Time to Draw a Crowd

What this now means is that I can start to bring civilians on board and have people who will actually use the facilities and therefore allow the player to receive monetary income.

Hopefully I’ll have some more updates soon. Until then, here is a general breakdown of the things I am moving on to next. Feel free to add your features ideas in the comments.

See you soon!

On the Road Map

  • Civilian ships scheduled for arrival after atmosphere established.
  • Civilians able to use facilities
  • Reputation level of station, impacted by civilian experience onboard.
  • Income and expenditure management.
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